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【Compact and Powerful】 Small in size and high in energy, this lithium battery is perfect for trolling motors. It provides sufficient power for your ship, ensuring reliable performance during towing operations. Additionally, its compact footprint adds convenience to your fishing trips at sea. Whether you’re a professional captain or a fishing enthusiast, this lithium battery is the ideal choice.

【Up to 15000 Cycles of Long-Lasting Power】 Unlock the power of long-lasting energy with Lithova lithium batteries! Our batteries are engineered to provide exceptional cycle life, allowing you to enjoy reliable and sustainable power for an extended period. With an impressive cycle life of up to 15000 cycles, Lithova lithium batteries outperform traditional lead acid batteries by a staggering margin.

【Premium Grade A Cylindrical Cells & Intelligent BMS Protection】 Experience peace of mind with our battery’s high-quality Cylindrical Grade A cells and intelligent BMS protection. Enjoy enhanced safety and excellent heat dissipation, eliminating concerns about overheating. The advanced BMS safeguards against overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, and short circuits, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Provide maximum protection for your safety.

【Power Your Life with Versatility】 Explore the versatility of the 24V 50Ah lithium battery, ideal for numerous applications. Whether you need to energize your solar system, electric vehicle, marine vessel, or home backup setup, these batteries ensure dependable and efficient power delivery.

【Environmentally-Friendly Energy Storage】 Go green with Lithova Lithium Batteries! Our eco-friendly energy storage solution utilizes recyclable materials and avoids harmful substances, providing a sustainable choice for conscious consumers. With an impressive lifespan of up to 10 years and exceptional energy efficiency, Lithova batteries significantly reduce their environmental impact, making them the smart, green decision for those looking to protect the planet and conserve natural resources.

【Fast Delivery, 5-Year Warranty & Technical Service】 Our 24V 50Ah LiFePO4 battery from Lithova comes with a customer-centric approach. We offer a 5-year warranty, and 10-year technical service, and prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our team provides delivery with local CA, IN, and NJ warehouses. Our 24-hour customer support team can assist you with any questions.

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