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  • Universal 2 PCS Red & Black(Each 36” Battery Cables/3 Feet) Cables with 5/16 Inch Terminal Lugs – 4 AWG Battery Cables for Series Parallel Inverter Solar ATV Golf Cart Tractor RV Truck Car Motorcycle Marine Boat
  • Extremely Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper Wires with Silicone Jacket – Remaining Intact even if Twisted or Bent, Longer Flex Life without Fatiguing and Breaking, Great for Applications with Lots of Movement and Vibration
  • Highly Conductive and Robust Tinned OFC Pure Copper Wires and Terminals – Low Power Transmission Loss, Anti-oxidative, Long Lifespan, High Current Allowable up to 185A
  • Durable Silicone Insulation Jacket and Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing – Anti-ageing, Waterproof, Resistant to UV and Chemicals, Heat Resistant up to 200°C(392°F)
  • Safe and Stable Halogen-free Silicone Rubber Insulation Jacket – Nontoxic, No Emission, No Corrosion, Flame Retardant, Low Smoke During Fire, Little Flame Propagation
Battery Cable for Motorcycle

4 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper Wires with Silicone Insulation Jacket

– Excellent Flexibility, No Fatigue or Breakage

Particularly Applicable to Applications of Lots of Movement and Vibration

Battery Cables

Heat Resistant Battery Cable

Flexible Battery Cable

Chemical Resistant Battery Cable


– Superior Materials

– Precise Workmanship

– Halogen-free, No Emission


– Temperature Resistant up to 392°F(200°C)

– No Smoke

– Flame Retardant


– Intact even if Twisted

– Anti-abrasion

– Fatigue-free, No Breakage


– Anti-corrosive

– Weather Resistant

– Applicable in Harsh Environments

Battery Cables Positive and Negative

1 Black Cable & 1 Red Cable with Copper Lugs

Each Cable Length: 12”(1 ft), 18”(1.5 ft), 24”(2 ft), 36”(3 ft), 48”(4 ft)

Lugs’ Hole Diameter: 5/16”(M8), 3/8”(M10)

Condutor Material: 5000/0.08mm TS(Stranded Tinned Copper Wire)

Insulation Material: Silicone

Lug Material: Tinned Copper

Lug Thickness: 1/12”(2.15 mm)

Temperature Resistance: -76°F to 392°F(-60°C to 200°C)

Rated Voltage: 600 V

Rated Current: 185 A

4 AWG Battery Cables

Stranded Tinned Copper Wires

Durable Copper Lugs

Waterproof Heat Shrink Tubing

Silicone Rubber Jacket

5000 Strands of Copper Wire

Excellent Conductivity and Extreme Flexibility

Heavy Duty Tinned Copper Terminals

Anti-oxidation, Anti-corrosion, Heavy Current Allowable

Tight Heat Shrink Tube Insulation

Adhesive Lined, Waterproof, and Ultra-long Lasting

Premium Silicone Rubber Jacket

Great Flexibility, Strong Stability, and Anti-ageing

Battery Cable Applications

Silicone Battery Cable


Safe Materials,

Heat Resistant,

Oil & Gas Resistant,

Reliable in Various Environments

  • Medical Grade
  • Marine Grade
  • Aviation Grade

4 AWG Stranded Copper Battery Cables Set/Silicone Jacket


– Batteries in Series or Parallel

– Inverter Connection

– Automotive

– Motorcycle

– Golf Cart

– Boat

– Solar System

– Electric Control Box

Battery Cables

Inverter Battery

Motocycle Battery Cables

Marine Battery Cables

Battery Series/Parallel Cables

Solar/Inverter Battery Cables

Motorcycle/Car Battery Cables

Marine/Boat Battery Cables

12 Inch Battery Cables 3/8 Inch Lugs18 Inch Battery Cables 3/8 Inch Lugs24 Inch Battery Cables, 3/8 Inch Lugs36 Inch Battery Cables, 3/8 Inch Lugs48 Inch Battery Cables, 3/8 Inch Lugs
12” Battery Cables with 3/8” Lugs18” Battery Cables with 3/8” Lugs24” Battery Cables with 3/8” Lugs36” Battery Cables with 3/8” Lugs48” Battery Cables with 3/8” Lugs
Cable Gauge4 AWG4 AWG4 AWG4 AWG4 AWG
ConductorStranded Tinned Copper WiresStranded Tinned Copper WiresStranded Tinned Copper WiresStranded Tinned Copper WiresStranded Tinned Copper Wires
Insulation JacketSilicone RubberSilicone RubberSilicone RubberSilicone RubberSilicone Rubber
Lug Diameter3/8 Inch3/8 Inch3/8 Inch3/8 Inch3/8 Inch
Cable Length12 Inch/1 Foot18 Inch/1.5 Feet24 Inch/2 Feet36 Inch/3 Feet48 Inch/4 Feet


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